The gambler’s companion

We provide various services for gamblers to be able to get insights to what options are out there and narrow down the choices to a few good ones and empower the gambler to pick a direction. Whether that is finding a new casino or taking a break since it can be a bit much at times.

Gamblers Concierge

Gamblers Concierge is at the service of the gambler, present when required, basic needs are covered right now and we are working hard on catering for all needs. The suite of tools range from tracking how things are going and getting insights, to reading, comparing, exploring and getting recommendations on everything in the gambling world. Nothing great is created over night, but we are extremely confident that you will love what we have in store for you.


Going fully local is the only way to gain trust from the gamblers of each market. We are ensuring that all the topics, potential concerns, latest updates and assessments are made from a local perspective. We are starting in Asia with, and remain committed to only offer this service in markets where we are equally confident it will bring value to the gambler.

Collaborating with the best brands

It is truly hard to create an all around online casino, sportsbook or other operation. This is clearly reflected in our assessment of each brand we mention in our services. We will always remain honest and we tell you why something is truly great, but also when there are some weak points. So far we have not given a full score, which brand will be first to receive it?